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We have a wide range of products of the most prestigious brands among the telecommunications market:






Repair & Refurbishment

Grupo Omega has an area of refurbishment and equipment repair for corporate and residential market. It has more than 2,000 meters specially designed to repair, polish, paint and conduct functional tests, for a wide range of electronic devices.

Electronic Laboratory

Qualified Technicians

Understanding that our customers require solutions of high complexity and high levels of quality, we have modern equipment of recognized brands worldwide, according to the various technologies currently used, which is why we are able to deliver, locally, a response to your most diverse needs, fulfilling the high levels of service that have always characterized us.

To achieve this the company has:

• Control and management system for the proper traceability of processes.
• Latest generation measuring instruments.
• Backup power system (generator) of 150KVA, to ensure operational continuity.

Laboratory equipment

  • Agilent spectrum analyzers (9 KHz - 26.5 GHz).
  • Agilent frequency generators (250 KHz - 1 GHz).
  • Agilent analyzers of vector networks (30 KHz - 3 GHz).
  • Test bench for Power Alpha and UPS.
  • Heat room for thermal tolerance analysis.
  • Wave welding for mass production of electronic boards.

About Us

GRUPO OMEGA has more than 22 year of experience in the market. Provides integrated solutions to satisfy a wide range of customer´s needs in Telecommunications industry and other markets.

GRUPO OMEGA is a chilean company with nationwide facilities to cover all of its productive areas. Is recognized for generate long – term business relationships with its customers based on trust, quality and management, focused in help them to improve their operational results and bring a better experience to their customers or end users.


We are located in the street Dagoberto Godoy #16, Commune of Cerrillos, Chile.
Also on the phone +56 22 8262000.

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